Thursday, January 19, 2006

All-GPL Distro from FSF?

I'm curious. Are there any all-GPL distros out there? The GNU site recommends blag as a distro (saying its all free software), but its not clear if its all GPL (but, I think, when I did the install, they did throw up the GPL screen before commencing so perhaps it is). But, my experience on a Dell 4150 wasn't great. I'll post that later. So, a quick question. Why doesn't the FSF come out with a distro? It would be a huge hit (though I suspect the answer to my question is that it would be a distraction for them, and they just don't have the manpower or funds to support it).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ututo might be what you are after. Whether english translations of pages exist is erratic.
Stallman has mentioned it a few times but doesn't 'officially' endorse it for reasons I can't remember, sorry :P

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