Sunday, March 12, 2006


An interesting article in Techworld about one variety of co-optation thats possible when open-source flirts with closed-source. Its articles like this that make me a) resist the idea that introducing open-source into the world of formerly-proprietary-source models has any influence on the central issue of making software free, and b) accept the claim that it opens the door to an eventual "embrace, extend, extinguish" situation.


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looks like we have many years of sparring ahead of us, huh? :-) you know, most of my arguments up till now have been historical--that is open source has yet to crush the spirit of free software, that its circulation in the circuits of capital have actually been a boon to free software, even if diluting the message in other important ways. but the jury is certainly out; i think in some ways it is too early too tell what the verdict will be and perhaps it won't be either/or but i do wonder... given the cooptation of most things, will this be different?


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