Thursday, July 05, 2007

A friendly word

So, Decoding Liberation: The Promise of Free and Open Source Software will be released on July 27th, and I'm glad to say we got a nice comment from Steven Weber, which I'm reproducing in its entirety as I think it captures part of our argument well:
In Decoding Liberation, Samir Chopra and Scott Dexter recapture and extend a part of the conversation that will ultimately be much more important than business models, patent and copyright law, or total cost of ownership for a piece of software. What does the open source model offer to political, artistic, and scientific freedom, and thus to the human enterprise of creativity beyond the guts of a computing machine? Their book is an eloquent, thoughtful, adventurous, and exciting dive into what really matters about changing the rules of code.

Thanks, Steve. We thought your book, The Success of Open Source was pretty darn good too!


Anonymous Francois Rey said...

Your book has an appealing title but the price of $95 on amazon in pre-order isn't... Is this really the intended price? What audience are you targeting?

11:52 AM  
Blogger Samir Chopra said...

Francois, fair comment. The price is, unfortunately, been set very high by the publisher as they are aiming for the library market. If the sales of the book are decent, we'll be able to bring out a paperback version, which will be much cheaper, and should be able to reach a broader market. In the meantime, we're hoping that folks will get their libraries to purchase the book! :)

Samir Chopr

5:06 PM  

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