Saturday, February 04, 2006

Quirky distros

In a post below, I enquired about all-GPL distros, and I was pointed to Ututo by Chris from Shade-of-Blue. Their homepage features a user forum, where I posted this query. Of course, BIND uses the BSD license so its extremely unlikely that there will be a distro with just GPL. But still, I'm going to see if I can rope an interested student into starting work on a distro that is 'as GPL'ed as possible' (GNU's distro page obviously thinks that its distro is 'free enough' to list). I don't expect anyone to do it single-handedly and so, obviously, will issue a call for help. Stay tuned.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just use Debian if you want a guaranteed "all Free" distro... you include non-free sources at your discretion.

I think "all GPL-compatible" is sufficient enough, since, by definition, something that is GPL-compatible can be distributed under the GPL. See the FSF website about this.

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