Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Microsoft Open Source Lab

Microsoft has a Open Source Lab/Center/Initiative/Summat. They have a website and a blog (apologies if this is old hat for everyone out there). Check it out. Read it, and try and figure out what is going on. Is it a marketing stunt? Are they for real? What exactly are they up to? What do they hope to achieve with this, and why are they doing it? I have some ideas; I'm not sure, and I'd appreciate some help.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Samir,
Thanks for the post - my name is Jamie Cannon and I work on Port 25 & very closely with our Open Source Software Lab here at Microsoft. I can assure you that our goals with Port 25 and the OSS Lab are to provide customers a window into the work we're doing...a lot of folks aren't aware that we test over 60+ flavors of UNIX and Linux, run interoperability scenarios, help product groups improve their ability to interop with open source, etc....all that work creates a ton of insights, research and analysis. Plus we have some great senior technical engineers with backgrounds in UNIX and Linux, so think of this as a first step to engaging & sharing more directly w/ the OSS Community than we have previously. I welcome your feedback -feel free to ping me.

Thanks again,

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